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William Morton was a British antiques dealer. He appeared in Evil Star after he discovered the diary of St. Joseph of Córdoba.

Evil Star[]

Morton finds the diary of the mad Spanish monk, St. Joseph of Córdoba. Morton came into possession of the diary after he discovered it in a market.

He makes a public announcement that he would like to sell the diary to anyone who can pay a minimum of two million pounds for it on a news report on the television. After making the announcement, he reads the diary and is tormented by the horrors it holds about The Old Ones. He gets in contact with Nathalie Johnson (as he wishes to sell the diary to her) and tells her that he’d like to meet Matthew Freeman, one of the Gatekeepers, before selling the diary. They meet at St. Meredith’s Church where he asks Matt to go through a door with a five pointed star engraved on it. This will prove that Matt is a Gatekeeper on only they can travel through the door. But before Matt gets back Morton is stabbed in the back and the diary gets stolen by an assassin hired by Diego Salamanda.


Morton is described as in his fifties. He is plump with silver hair and cheeks that had been burned by the sun.