Vanessa Adams is the mother of Scarlett. She is married to Paul Adams but in Necropolis, they are in the process of getting a divorce. Vannessa works as a holiday maker whose company puts together holiday packages in China and the Far East.

It is unknown what happened to her after Necropolis, and the return of the Old Ones but it is presumed that she has died because after the final battle, Scarlett decides to leave for the Dreamworld.

Life prior Edit

Paul and Vanessa were unable to have children of their own so they adopted Scarlett for an orphanage in Jakarta. They lived as a family Dulwich, just round the corner from North Dulwich Station. Both Paul and Vanessa worked full time and were so busy they seldom had time for Scarlett or each other. Hence they employed Mrs Murdoch a full time housekeeper to look after all of them.


Vanessa is not always present at Scarlett's life at home which is why they have a housekeeper to look after Scarlett.

Although she is upset when Scarlett disappears through the door of St. Meredith's Church in London and is missing for a day and a half.


Vanessa is described as tall, blonde and elegant.

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