I am Hmeig and I am a big fan of The Power of Five series!

I really hope that this series will get turned into a film series. That unlike the Alex Rider series, turns out to be good, although I'm not complaining about Alex Pettyfer (Hello there!), but it was a big-fat-flop! :(

I think that these books could be turned into really good films, albeit a little dark and creepy! But there is nothing like this in the 'Young Adult' (I hate that term) book/film market!

I am also an ADMIN (or Gatekeeper) on this wiki, so if you have any questions - ask away on my TALK PAGE! I will also make signatures, if you ask nicely. ;)

Hmeig ~ Veni, Vidi, Scripsi

My Favourite PagesEdit

  • Oblivion - awesome book, and from all the Gatekeepers' perspectives.
  • Nexus - the secret organisation that seem to do a lot of sitting around and talking, but I love Susan Ashwood.
  • Scarlett Adams - she has the most powerful power ability to control the weather.
  • Pedro - honest and clever.
  • Lohan Shan-tung - badass! Haha
  • Holly - the poor girl dragged into the war but has some great moments.
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