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OBLIVION - hb jacket

Oblivion is the last installment in the Power of Five Series by Anthony Horowitz. This final book of the series involves the Five Gatekeepers trying to find each other once more to once again banish the Old Ones from the Earth. It was released on October the 4th 2012 in the United Kingdom.

According to Anthony Horowitz, the final book is about the Old Ones attempting to destroy the world through global warming, and it deals with the Gatekeepers trying to find each other again after being separated in Necropolis. On Twitter, in reply to a fan, he revealed that Oblivion would be about terrorism, over-population, resurgent fascism, and global warming. The book is therefore split into five different sections: Earth, Fire, Water, Ice and Air, relating to Matt, Pedro, Scott, Jamie and Scarlett, respectively. Read more..

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