The Native Americans aid Jamie Tyler in Nightriseby rescuing him from Silent Creek prison.


When Jamie is injured by security guards at Silent Creek, an Indian shaman revives him at the camp where Feather's tribe live.

Notable Native AmericansEdit

  • Joe Feather - tells Jamie and Scott that they have Native American blood in their veins, and that the tribes of America will always be ready to help the Five.
  • Atoc saves Matt and Pedro from being captured by the corrupt police who are working for Diego Salamanda. He takes them down an underground tunnel where they travel to Cuzco. They then take a helicopter and then walk up to Vilcabamba, the sacred home of the Incas.
  • Micos was part of the ambush team of Incas who try to rescue Matthew Freeman and Richard Cole from the clutches of Diego Salamanda. After they are unwittingly betrayed by Fabian who has sent them to the Hotel Europa where Captain Rodriguez had been waiting for them.