The Librarian is a mysterious character who inhabits the Dreamworld.

Matthew Freeman is the only Gatekeeper to have met him, before the final battle at Oblivion, and he visits him in his Library.


Matt visits the Dreamworld whilst Lohan Shan-tung is driving them to the south of Brazil. Matt asks the Librarian if he can read the book of his life, that will tell him what has happened and what will. The Librarian obliges, as he had previously offered to give the book to Matt, who had previously declined. Matt is horrified after he reads the book of his life, and asks the Librarian why he did not want him.

The Librarian tells Matt to ring the bell, which will summon all of the Gatekeepers, Matt does so, and the Librarian disappears. 

After the final battle between the Old Ones, the Five Gatekeepers return to the Dreamworld. The other four finally meet the Librarian and with him is a woman. To Pedro, the women looks Peruvian. Scarlett Adams thinks that the woman looks Taiwanese. To Scott and Jamie Tyler, she looks Native American. And to Matt, she looks like his mother on the day, wearing the same clothes that she was wearing when she left for her friend's wedding.

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