The Incas were a group of people who formed the largest collective empire in South America, before Christopher Columbus found it.

The Incas were dispersed when the European colonizers arrived. But they didn't disappear, instead they lay low for a time when they might be needed.

Evil StarEdit

Matthew Freeman and Pedro travel to Vilcabamba, the sacred city of the Incas. Richard Cole was rescued by the Incas from Fabian's men, who were actually working for the Old Ones. The leader of the Incas gave Richard a knife , saying it will bring grief to him later on (the knife was used to kill Matt)


Scott and Jamie Tyler travel through one of the doors and end up in Peru.


When Professor Chamber's house is attacket by creatures working for the Old Ones, the Incas arrive. Although they are too late to save the house or the Professor, they defeat the rest of the creatures.

Notable IncasEdit

  • Pedro is a reincarnation of Manco Cápac, the founder of the Inca Empire, and thought to be the son of the Sun god.
  • Atoc, the brother of Micos, who helps Matt and Pedro in their journey to Vilacabamba and to the Nazca lines
  • Micos, the brother of Atoc, saves Matt and Pedro when they trespass on Salamanda's house.
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