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Susan Ashwood is a blind medium. She is also the daughter of an author named Elizabeth Ashwood who wrote about Raven's Gate, black magic and witchcraft. She is a member of Nexus and a friend of the five Gatekeepers.

Power of Five Series[]

Raven's Gate[]

Susan Ashwood appears at a meeting of the members of Nexus. Matt and Richard also travel to her home in Manchester in the hope of finding information on Raven's Gate.

Evil Star[]

Miss Ashwood arrives at Richard Cole and Matt Freeman's flat with Fabian to convince Matt to come to London and meet William Morton, so Nexus can get their hands on St. Joseph's diary.

She appears at the meeting of Nexus after Matt decides to go to London to help Nexus.

When Matt calls to tell him that he is okay, but Richard and him were ambushed, she phones Fabian so he can help Matt in Peru. She also phones Nathalie Johnson about the traitor who has infiltrated Nexus, but states that she trusts Nathalie since they have been friends for a long time.


She is present at the Nexus meeting where Matthew Freeman, Richard Cole and Jamie Tyler arrive to talk about the diary of St. Joseph de Cordoba.


Miss Ashwood is living in a pod that is underground of London with other survivors, who are loyal to the Five. She tells Jamie that she is dying after waiting ten years for the Five to arrive through the door, which she was told of by the ghosts of the spirit world.

When Holly and Richard Cole arrive back in England after the Gatekeepers defeated the Old Ones, they hear that Miss Ashwood died soon after, they left.