Superintendent Mallory was the officer who interviewed Matt when he got arrested for breaking into a warehouse in Ipswich.

Raven's GateEdit

A superintendent who appears solely in Raven's Gate, Mallory is in charge of interviewing Matthew Freeman after the police arrest him on suspicion of murder. Mallory interviews both Matthew and his partner-in-crime Kelvin, and although Kelvin claims Matthew started the whole theft and "killed" a policeman, Mallory also interviews the police officer who Kevin claimed was dead, and from him learns that Matthew, although involved, was innocent as he wanted to save the guard. Mallory is puzzled as to why Matthew should have become a criminal, as to him Matthew seems very polite, intelligent, and moral, unlike the other "thugs" he usually deals with.

Mallory is suspicious of Matthew's foster-mother, Jayne Deverill, from the beginning, and his suspicions about her deepen when he learns of the "suicide" of a criminal near his police center and feels Jayne Deverill was involved. He learns about Matthew's precognitive powers from his neighbour, and then learns of another death reported by Matthew. He immediately feels Matthew is in immediate danger from Jayne Deverill and visits Matthew on the farm, but Jayne Deverill is openly hostile to Mallory. Mallory tells Jayne Deverill that she is unfit for guardianship and that he is removing Matthew from her. He tells Matthew that within a day he will return and rescue him, but on the way home, his radio breaks and picks up a faint EVP. Mallory tries to change channel, but all the channels have the same EVP. Now frightened, Mallory can't slow down. His car speeds up and hurtles him off a bridge into a lorry which both explode, killing the superintendent. Later, it is revealed that Mallory's death was orchestrated by the cult of villagers from Lesser Malling, as he stood in their way to kill Matthew.

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