He travelled with Pizarro to Peru in 1532 and witnessed the destruction of the Inca empire.

His DiaryEdit

The diary is shown to be bound in poo,salt and leather. It has pages that are thick and uneven, covered with writing and intricate drawngs made by an ink pen or quill.

It was written 700 years ago, but predicts motor cars, computers and space satilietes, aliens and star wars. It was found buried in the courtyard of the tenth-century mosque known as loca the pug and was unearthed in excavations.

William Morton, an English antiques dealer finds it in a market and tries to sell it for money. However when he reads it, he goes mad from the horrors that it contains, this could be the reason why St. Joseph was known as 'mad'. Richard Cole helps Nexus translate and decrypt his writing. This is how they found a map of the twenty five doorways which the Gatekeepers can use to travel the world.

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