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Michael Marsh
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Vital statistics
Title Sir Michael Marsh
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Old One worshipper
Health Somewhat healthy
Level None
Status Deceased
Location Lesser Malling

"Do you really think it's so crazy to draw parallels between the power of the nuclear bomb and the power of black magic? Do you really believe that a weapon capable of destroying cities and killing millions of people in a few seconds is so far removed from the Devil's work?"

~ Sir Michael Marsh explaining the use of Omega One to free the Old Ones

Sir Michael Marsh was a nuclear scientist working for the government. He is the main antagonist in Raven's Gate and is the head of the witch coven in Lesser Malling. He also built Omega One.

Raven's Gate[]

Matthew Freeman meets Sir Michael as he is driving past Omega One in his car.Sir Michael plays a key part in trying to bring back the Old Ones.

Sir Michael uses his knowledge of physics to try to bring back the Old Ones, but ultimately fails.

Sir Michael is killed by Chaos as he emerges into the world through the portal and he crushes the scientist to death in his hand.