Simon Reade is a Villager who is friends with Mike Dolan.

He is married to a woman, who was very Christian and could have been a nun, if she hadn't got married. Holly adds that they were "the sort" that crossed themseves ten times a day, cried when they read the Bible and scheduled prayer meetings on their afternoons off.


He and Mike Dolan find Holly outside St. Botoph's Church. Reade is the one who suspects that Holly is lying about praying by the church, and when they come back they find her with Jamie Tyler. They question him, but when he says that he took a bus, Dolan knocks him out with the butt of his gun. They tell Holly to go home and take Jamie as their prisoner, tied up and locked away, before the Village Assembly.

At the Assembly, both Reade and Dolan are enjoying the attention. When they give their version of event, they both try to out do each other. When The Traveller arrives, both Dolan and Reade are prepared to throw him out of the Church, but Mr Flint stops them. This makes them angry, and ugly, apparently not a hard thing for them, according to Holly. When Sir Ian tells the Assembly about the reward offered for Jamie, both Dolan and Reade want to collect the reward, although they fail to recognize what they could do with the money as there are no shops to buy or sell things.

Holly sees him fall into a bush and die, after something horrible is sprayed in his face.


Reade is smaller than Dolan, and pale and thin. Holly says that his gaze is like "laser eyes" as he is suspicous of anything.


Reade likes hanging out with Dolan because it makes him feel important and they are allowed to carry guns.

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