Omar is a member of Nightrise Corporation in New York.


Omar comes across the ice, and is taken prisoner by the World Army. He came of his own accord to bring a message from Scott Tyler to meet with Matt at Skua Bay.

Lohan Shan-tung believes that it is a trick, and suggests that he be allowed to torture Omar. But Matthew Freeman will have none of it.

Omar says that he has met Matt and that he has a message from Scott to convince the others, he is not lying. He says that Scott is sorry about Professor Chambers, who died in Evil Star.

It is unknown what happens to him after Matt and Richard Cole are captured by the Old Ones and after the Old Ones are vanquished.


He is West African, muscular, dressed in rags. He had a gash in the side of his head and dried blood running down his face. He had short hair in dreadlocks, and a tattoo of an unknown animal on his neck. He had been shackled recently as his wrists were raw and there was blood on his arms. His eyes were large and staring.

He has a high pitched and nervous voice.

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