The Nexus is a highly secret group of powerful and influential people with some link to the supernatural world who try to prevent the Old Ones from re-entering planet Earth.


There are always 12 members in the Nexus.

The Nexus are not specifically named, but the known members of the Nexus are:

  • Susan Ashwood, a blind medium who is also the daughter of an author named Elizabeth Ashwood who wrote about Raven's Gate, black magic and witchcraft.
  • Nathalie Johnson, who owns a computer empire and is described as the "female Bill Gates", she appears in Nightrise to help Scott and Jamie Tyler.
  • Harry Foster, an Australian who owns a newspaper empire operating internationally.
  • David Tarrant, who is a senior police officer in New Scotland Yard, London, he dies of a heart attack.
  • Mr Lee, who happens to be Chinese and has connections with the Triads.
  • Mr Danton, who is French and is connected with Military intelligence
  • A German woman (unnamed) who is involved in politics.
  • An uninteresting man, possibly a senator in the American democratic party according to Fabian in Raven's Gate.
  • An uninteresting woman.
  • A man who replaces Fabian.
  • Albert Rémy, who appears in Evil Star and Necropolis. It is assumed that he replaces Dravid.
  • A bishop who seems to be very sceptical about the existence of the Old Ones.


Members that have died.

Raven's GateEdit

They tell Matthew Freeman that he is one of the Gatekeepers.

Evil StarEdit

Miss Ashwood and Fabian approach Matt at the start of Evil Star to convince him to help them retrieve the diary of Joseph of Cordoba from William Morton. They help Matt and Pedro with the gate's whereabouts.

Nightrthis Edit

brother, Scott.Edit


Nexus hold a meeting to decide how to contact Scarlett Adams. When she leaves for Hong Kong, some suggest using one of the doors. But Mr. Lee uses his contacts in the criminal underworld to help them get to Hong Kong.


Nexus is the reason why the World Army is travelling to Oblivion, Antarctica as Nexus spread the word and fund it.

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