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Mr. Lee is a Chinese man who happens to be in good connection with the Triads. He is a friend of the Gatekeepers and a member of the Nexus.


After Nexus recieve St. Joeseph's diary, some of them like Harry Foster, want to send Matthew Freeman, Jamie Tyler and Richard Cole via the Doors. When Matt realizes that the Old Ones are trying to trick them into using the doors, he asks for another way. Mr Lee suggests another way since he is good friends with 'The Man of the Mountain', Han Shan-tung, who is head of one of the Triads. He says that Mr. Shan-tung will give them safe passage from Macau to Hong Kong which is a discreet way that the Old Ones might not be expecting.

When Matt, Jamie and Richard finally meet Mr Shan-tung, he tells them that Mr Lee is a good friend of his, who has done him some favours before.