Micos is one of the Incas and he helps Matthew Freeman and Pedro in Evil Star.

Evil StarEdit

Micos is part of the ambush team of Incas who try to rescue Matthew Freeman and Richard Cole from the clutches of Diego Salamanda. After they are unwittingly betrayed by Fabian who has sent them to the Hotel Europa where Captain Rodriguez is waiting for them.

The Incas fire at the car, Richard and Matt are being taken in. The chauffeur draws his pistol and fires back, however he is shot in the shoulder and deserts them.

Richard is supposedly captured by the kidnappers, who are Micos and his men, but he fights them off long enough to let Matt escape.

Later on in the book, Micos arrives when Matthew Freeman and Pedro trespass at Diego Salamanda's house. Salamanda 'senses' the two Gatekeepers and orders his guards to capture them. Micos bursts through the security gates of Salamanda's house and tells Matt and Pedro to get in. They do, but Micos is shot in the chest, however he still manages to push the accelerator down and they speed off into the night.

Micos tells them to meet his brother, Atoc in Cuzco, where they will help him. Soon after, he dies and Matt and Pedro roll the car off the road to stop it attracting attention.

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