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Kelvin Johnson
Gender Male
Family Charlie Johnson (brother)
Hair Colour Fair
Occupation Unknown
Species Human
Appearances Raven's Gate
Affiliation None

Matt Freeman: I didn't know anyone was going to get hurt. That wasn't the idea.
Superintendent Mallory: That's not what your friend Kelvin told us. He said it was your knife, your plan, and it was you who panicked when you were caught
Matt Freeman: He's lying.

— Kelvin blaming Matt Freeman on stabbing the security guard

Kelvin Johnson is a minor character, who appears in Raven's Gate.


Not much is known about Kelvin's early life. All that is known is that at some point, he enrolled at St. Edmund’s Comprehensive School, where he protected the three years younger Matthew Freeman from bullying. He is living in Matt's neighbourhood in Eastfield Terrace.

At the age of seventeen, he convinced his acquaintance Matt to break into a warehouse in one of Ipswich's industrial zones. However, the two teenagers got caught by a security guard, whom Kelvin stabbed with a knife. After being taken into custody by the police, Kelvin tried to blame everything on Matt, but failed.

Despite Kelvin's betrayal, Matt could plausibly explain the true circumstances of the offence to Superintendent Mallory , his testimonial matching with the one of Kelvin's victim. Therefore, Kelvin was soon convicted and sentenced to prison. It is unknown if Kelvin still serves in prison or what has become of him.


Charlie Johnson[]

Kelvin has an older brother, Charlie Johnson, who is imprisoned in a young offenders institution outside Manchester. Charlie has at least once supplied Kelvin with information about supposedly easy targets for burglary.

Matthew "Matt" J. Freeman[]

After Kelvin protected Matt from bullying, the two began to hang out together, forming a sort of friendship. This friendship obviously didn't mean much to Kelvin, seeing as he used Matt as a scapegoat after being caught by the police. However, he stabbed the guard for Matt.

Physical Appearance[]

Kelvin is described as "tall and scrawny with fair hair, pale skin and acne". During the events in Raven's Gate, he is seventeen years old. He seems to spend most of the money he "earns" with his illegal activities on clothing, as he is dressed in expensive clothes and is said to have always had "the best gear".