Jonas Mortlake is an antagonist in Oblivion. He is the son of Susan Mortlake and follows in her footsteps of working for Nightrise Corporation and serving The Old Ones.


The chairman of Nightrise orders Jonas to fly to Italy where Scott Tyler and Pedro are currently being held. He is told to break Scott's spirit and alienate him from the rest of his fellow Gatekeepers.

Jonas suceeds, by making Scott trade his cell for a luxury bedroom and good food. He alienates him from Pedro by making Scott indirectly cause Pedro harm. He asks Scott to tell his henchmen which finger of Pedro's he should break, Scott says his little finger on his left hand.

Jonas and Scott fly to Oblivion where they stay in the Old Ones Palace in Antarctica. When Scott has a change of heart and goes to open the 25th door, Jonas arrives and beats Scott up. He is about to kill him with a sword, when Lohan Shan-tung and Scarlett Adams arrive. Lohan throws a knife at his back and kills him.

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