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Jayne Deverill
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Vital statistics
Title Mrs Deverill
Gender Female
Race Human/Witch
Faction Old One worshipper/witch
Health Healthy
Level None
Status Deceased
Location Lesser Malling

"You're still mine! I'll have your blood! I'll tear out your heart and take it back with me!"

~ Jayne Deverill's final words to Matt Freeman

Jayne Deverill is Matt Freeman's foster parent when he is sent on the L.E.A.F. project after robbing a warehouse. She is the main antagonist in book one, Raven's Gate.

She lives in a remote village named Lesser Malling outside the Yorkshire moors. The village is very far away from everything altogether the village has just a very small centre where there is only a pond, a pub, a sweet shop and a chemist. It also has an unnatural forest. Deverill has her own farm named Hive Hall. She is described as having wrinkled skin, lifeless eyes, and white hair. At the end of the novel it is revealed she is an evil, heartless witch. SPOILER ALERT! She dies at the end, when she is pushed into a pool of radioactive acid underneath a power plant by Richard Cole after she attempts to kill Matt. Mrs Deverill has a cat named Asmodeus who cannot die.

The name Asmodeus is significant because in Hebrew culture Asmodeus is the king of demons.