Han Shan-tung, also known as "The Master of the Mountain". He is the leader of the Chinese Triad White Lotus Society, appearing in Necropolis.


Han Shan tung is the leader of one of the Triads, a gang of ruthless Chinesse gangsters. He states that he has killed 25 people when asked by Richard why he didn't join The Old Ones, he replied that " the Master of the Mountain Bows to no one" !


Mr. Lee and Nexus send Matthew Freeman, Richard Cole and Jamie Tyler to him for help getting into Hong Kong via Macau. At first, he is not convinced that they are the five Gatekeepers but when Matt climbs the stair of swords without cutting himself, apart from slicing his palm open when he first tried, he believes them and seems a little nervous. Although not a great man in personality, he helped smuggle Matt, Richard and Jamie into Hong Kong to find Scarlett Adams. He sends his son, Lohan, to help them in their rescue mission to save Scarlett after he reveals that she is believed to be a reincarnation of Lin-Mo, a Chinese goddess who could control the weather.

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