Father Gregory is a monk who works for the Old Ones. He appears in Necropolis as an evil monk.


Father Gregory always knew there was something suspicious about a door that had a five pointed star engraved on it. He pestered the original Father of the monastery, who was scared and at first, refused to tell him. When the Father told him about the Old Ones, Father Gregory formed a plan. He gathered up the monks loyal to him and they cut the throats of the other 14 monks. He became Father of the monastery and the monks waited for someone to come through the door.


When Scarlett Adams walks through a door in St. Meredith's Church in London, she ends up at Father Gregory's Monastery of Cry for Mercy in Ukraine. Although he does not worship God, but the Old Ones, knowing that one day, a child will walk through the door and they will be important.

Scarlett is captured by the monks, and Father Gregory tells her about the monastery and the Old Ones but she thinks that he is crazy. When she interrupts him, he slaps her and tells her to stop being a silly girl.

She is taken back to her cell by another monk. She uses an icicle to stab a monk in the neck, who brings her food, and escapes. Father Gregory runs after her and grabs her coat but she wriggles out of it and travels through the door.

At the end of the book, the chairman of Nightrise Corporation tells him that he has failed and opens a window/door. Father Gregory is resigned to his fate, and walks out of it, falling to his death.

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