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Vital statistics
Title Fabian
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction The Nexus, The Old Ones (in reality)
Health Moderately healthy
Level Unknown
Status Deceased
Location Unknown

I want to be on the winning side. The world's going to change, you see. Everything's going to change. And the question you have to ask yourself is - do you want to spend the rest of your life in misery and pain or do you want to be with the winners?

— Fabian explaining his motives to Matt Freeman and Richard Cole

Fabian was a member of the Nexus. However, it is revealed in Evil Star that he is a traitor and worked for Diego Salamanda to bring the Old Ones back.

Evil Star[]

Fabian sends a chauffeur to collect Matthew Freeman and Richard Cole from the airport to take them to the Europa Hotel. However they are ambushed by the Incas (who, in reality, were trying to save them) and the chauffeur is shot but runs off, they capture Richard but he causes enough chaos for Matt to run away.

He telephones Salamanda the details of where Matt and Pedro are hiding after they contact Nexus. Salamanda sends the police after them before Fabian's car is supposed to arrive.

It turns out he was the one operating the Evil Star satellite, called Cygnus, when the Incas, Matt, Richard and Pedro attack Salamanda's research centre. As he tries to expain his motives, he is shot and killed by Captain Rodriguez after pleading with him not to shoot Matt.