Commander Eleanor Strake is the head of the police force after the return of the Old Ones, and with their power, she is head of the United Kingdom.


Eleanor Strake arrives at The Village after Anne Keyland calls the police about Jamie Tyler, one of the Gatekeepers. She arrives in her private helicopter with armed guards at her side, the helicopter lands. After questioning Miss Keyland, who does not know where Jamie has gone, she shoots her without flinching. When it is revealed that the other Villagers do not know where he has gone, and that he has escaped, she gives the warning for the police, who had surrounded the village square, to shoot them down. However, Jamie has not been found as her police officers did not let anyone survive to be questioned and so did not find out about the Traveller's canal boat, which had disappeared.

She was shot in the head by the Traveller at St Meredieths.


She has ginger hair and her eyes are narrow and guarded. She had no colour in her face, although her cheeks were pinched.


She feels "giddy" with the amount of power that she has in her hands with the backing of the Old Ones. She wants to prove to the Old Ones that she is capable of delivering Jamie Tyler into their hands so she can live the rest of her life in luxury and comfort.

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