The Dreamworld is a mysterious realm which is visited by the Gatekeepers in their sleep.

Evil StarEdit

When Matthew Freeman meets fellow Gatekeeper, Pedro in Lima, Peru, they cannot speak the same language. But when they fall asleep and visit the Dreamworld, they are able to understand each other and remember what they said when they wake up.


Matt visits the Dreamworld and enters the Library, with the help of the Librarian he reads his destiny. Horrified, he blames the Librarian after he has read the sacrifices he will have to make. Matt rings the bell at the entrance of the Library which summons the other Gatekeepers. Scarlett Adams, Pedro, Jamie and Scott Tyler appear. They all rush to greet him, apart from Scott who lingers around. Pedro, who was with him in jail in Italy, refuses to tell Scarlett and Jamie what happened and what's wrong with Scott, because he knows Jamie would be furious. However, Matt knows everything after reading the book and talks to Scott, saying that he made his choices and everyone else made theirs, and that he will be the one to save the world.

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