Colton Banes is a secondary antagonist in Nightrise. At the beginning of the novel, him and his partner, Kyle Hovey (whom he despises), are sent by Susan Mortlake to capture Scott and Jamie Tyler. After a chase across the Reno circus, Jamie escapes thanks to a woman named Alicia McGuire but Scott is captured. After their failure, they frame Jamie as the murderer of his guardian Don and his wife Marcie whom they both kill. When confronted by Susan Mortlake over the failure of their mission, Hovey tries to put the blame on Banes. However, Mortlake orders Banes to kill Hovey as there was no place for the weak in Nightrise. Banes is apparently promoted after this as he is seated in an office on one of Nightrise's high floors when Jamie Tyler comes to get the location of his brother. Later, after Jamie escaped him, Banes gets a message from Max Koring, the chief guardian at Silent Creek prison that he was holding Jamie. Banes headed to the prison intending on having his revenge on Jamie. However, as soon as he arrives, the Native Americans attack Silent Creek and Jamie escapes. However, Banes shoots him in the back during this time, killing him. Banes is killed shortly after by an Indian.

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