Charles Baker is a secondary antagonist in Nightrise where he is fighting Senator John Trelawny to become the next president of the United States. According to Nightrise employee Susan Mortlake, Baker is sympathetic to their aims. The Nightrise Corporation back Baker financially throughout the campaign, channeling millions of dollars in his direction.

Earlier in the book, the Chairman and Nightrise executives form a plan to assassinate Senator Trelawny using Scott Tyler, the third of the Five. However this plan fails when Scott's brother Jamie uses his mind powers to tune Scott's powers into killing the wrong person.

Despite the plan failing, Charles Baker manages to win the campaign; a vast majority of Americans were very displeased with the results. It is implied Trelawny lost the election due to the votes being rigged at the last minute. Baker makes a brief appearance at the end, making a speech. His eyes aren't quite in focus, implying that the Old Ones could be controlling him, like with Gwenda Davis.

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