Captain Rodriguez is a secondary antagonist in Evil Star. At first he was an ordinary policeman, but when Diego Salamanda takes over the police, Rodriguez becomes his head of security at the base in Nazca, after being corrupted by Salamanda's money.

Evil StarEdit

Captain Rodriguez is the one waiting for Matthew Freeman at the Europa Hotel where Fabian sent them before their car was attacked by the Incas and Richard Cole was actually rescued rather than captured. He and his fellow officers beat Matt up and it is assumed that they are about to take him to Salamanda's base when Pedro knocks his officers out using a slingshot and pebble. Matt and Pedro escape.

When Matt calls Nexus to alert them that he is safe, Fabian tells Salamanda who orders Rodriguez to capture Matt and Pedro. Matt and Pedro are at the main square in Cuzco when they see police arriving, unsure they wait, but when Rodriguez appears, they realize they have been set up and flee. They are saved by the Incas.

The Incas, and Matt, Richard and Pedro attack Salamanda's base in Nazca to try and stop the Evil Star satellite. Rodriguez kills Fabian after he attempts to plead with him and attempts to kill Matt too. Before he can, the Incas blow up the radio tower and the tip falls on him and kills him.

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