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Brian Conran
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Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction None
Health Presumably healthy
Level None
Status Deceased
Location United Kingdom

"The money ran out pretty fast. The two of them spent it on cars and holidays and that sort of thing. And when it was gone, that was when they turned nasty. Brian especially. He said it would have been better if I'd never come in the first place. He started finding fault with everything I did. He'd yell at me and I'd yell back. And then he started bashing me around a little bit. He was always careful not to leave bruises. Not ones that showed'

~ Matt Freeman regarding Brian's treatment of him

Brian Conran was Gwenda Davis's boyfriend and occasionally a milkman. He was an alcoholic.

Raven's Gate[]

Brian and Gwenda seem to be in an abusive relationship, although Brian seems to hold the power. He is the one that convinces Gwenda to adopt Matthew Freeman, her nephew, so that they can get hold of his inheritance money. Although he later regrets his decision and blames Matt for a lot of things.

Evil Star[]

Gwenda kills Brian after being convinced by Rex McKenna, a television presenter of an ITV program called the Big Wheel. She stabs him with a kitchen knife after he ridicules her and calls her mad.