Miss Anne Keyland is the deputy head of The Village Council.


Miss Keyland is the main teacher of Holly and the other village children at the village school. Miss Keyland is sixty years old, full of energy. She had lost weight recently before the events of Oblivion.


Miss Keyland asks Holly about Jamie Tyler when he mysteriously appears in the village. She comes over to Riat and John's house where Holly lives. Miss Keyland is at the Village Council meeting when Jamie Tyler is interrogated and the villagers decide whether to hand him in to the police for the reward of £100,000.

At first, she seems to be on Jamie's side, and convinces Sir Ian, the head of the Village Council, to make up his mind. She suggests that they give him a home and make him one of the villagers, but he would have to be watched and not be allowed to go anywhere without supervision.

However, Jamie and Holly follow her into the forest. Jamie realizes that she is going to contact the police, and claim the reward for herself using his telepathic powers. She lies to Tom Connor that she is going to find some mushrooms. Instead she goes into the forest to find a telephone box and phones the police.

When the police arrive, she announces that she telephoned the police. The Villagers are disgusted by her actions and seperate themselves from her. She tries to bargain with the police for crops and medicine, but they only ask for the boy. When Miss Keyland does not know where 'the boy' is, she is shot in the head by the head police officer.

She is shot by the head police officer.


She wears a shawl and yellow wellington boots.

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