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Albert Rémy, a Frenchman who appears in Evil Star, Necropolis and Oblivion. He is a member of Nexus, possibly the replacement of Professor Dravid who dies in Raven's Gate.

Evil Star[]

He meets Matt and Richard Cole in Evil Star after a petrol tanker blows up Matt's school, and Nexus decide to send them to Peru.


Rémy is at the meeting when Nexus decide to send Matt, Jamie and Richard Cole to Macau, as a safe way to enter Hong Kong. Through a contact of Mr. Lee's.


He meets Scarlett Adams and Richard Cole when they travel through one of the doorways and end up near the Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. He takes them to a hospital where they operate on Scarlett to take the bullet out of her head.


He has short dark hair. He wears suits in Evil Star and Necropolis.