"Why do they have to wear those stupid hats?"

-Aidan about English police

Aidan was Scarlett's best friend in London and was often referred to as a boyfriend although their relationship was not romantic. Scarlett simply trusted him and went everywhere with him and shopped together. Aidan often joked that if Scarlett was in the mood, she'd buy the whole shop. Aidan's father was a rich businessman from America and they knew that Aidan would once be called back; so Scarlett and Aidan made the most of their time. Unlike Scarlett, Aidan's school was probably non uniform; he is always shown wearing a hoodie and jeans. Politically, he is liberal, as shown when he is disappointed that John Trelawney failed in the elections. He is very political and this is the only flaw in their relationship; Scarlett doesn't like politics, even though her step father is involved in it. Scarlett and Aidan have a normal life until one day a Chinese man asks Aidan outside his school to take him to Scarlett. Aidan is unnerved but refuses to tell him where she is. Later, Aidan is approached by the man who asks him to phone Scarlett and, in the pretence of a day out, ask her to meet the man in London. Scarlett eventually agrees and they go to a cinema. But then Aidan confesses that the man ordered him to do this, and he says he didn't want to. However Aidan decides to come along because he wants to see Scarlett is OK. Also he wants to find out why these men are interested in her. However, he doesn't get to meet the man, because the restaurant is blown up and the man is dead in it. This is the last Scarlett sees of Aidan before she goes to China. Before she goes she texts him and says it must've been coincidence that the bomb happened.

When the Old Ones bomb Britain, Aidan may have died in the explosion.

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